Beginner’s Club とは(About This Website)

「Beginner’s Club(ビギナーズ・クラブ)」は東京のクラブ初心者・未経験者向けのクラブ&イベント紹介メディア。






そこにメスを入れるのがこの「Beginner’s Club」。




“Beginner’s Club” is a club & event introduction media for beginners and people inexperienced clubs in Tokyo.

As a media that spreads the recognition of a clean club culture, “a club is not a dubious place, a place where you can enjoy music comfortably”
Information carefully selected for the club / event scene in Japan is posted carefully.

Due to the influence of that Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses is changing, the nightlife in Tokyo which was once glorified is becoming a little calmer.
At the same time various entertainment began to overflow and things like being said “Youth is away from club” increased.

One of the fundamental problems that can be cited is the wrong “image” such as “the club is scary”, “the club is a place for being caught”, “the club plays the songs which are not known to japanese”.

Indeed, many club staff and visitors are very kind.
Also, we can not say that caught is 0 in the club, but there are many people who come for reasons “to enjoy music” or “to dance with friends” and so on.
Furthermore, it is not well known that clubs are hosting not only Western music event but also events specializing in K-pop and animation songs.

The fact that such club’s “currently information” and “accurate information” are not conveyed to the world very well is one factor that has made many people precede such “bad” club’s image.

So, This “Beginner’s Club” want to convey currently information of club in tokyo to the all over the world, Especially, young people.
For club beginners and the younger inexperienced clubs in Tokyo, we delivered accurate information about club in the correct way of communicating.
“Beginner’s Club” want to spread the recognition of a clean club culture “the club is not a dubious place, but a place where you can enjoy music comfortably”.

Although we strive to ensure accuracy and up-to-date of this content, we do not guarantee anything about its completeness, and we assume no responsibility for any mistakes or non-publication concerning this content There is none.

Through this site, I hope that more people feel closer to Tokyo’s nightlife, such as clubs, and that they will enjoy “music culture” more.
At the same time, I pray for the further development and Glory of the club industry.

Always we wish to publish club and disco store information and event information.
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